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SVN Quebec Commercial Inc.
6640 Avenue de l’Esplanade, Suite #100
Montreal, Qc, Canada. H2V 4L5
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John Faratro has been involved in the real estate business for over 30 years, and has spent the last 6 developing residential condos around Montreal. During his career, he has taken part in over 50 million dollars-worth of development projects and has participated in many major commercial real estate transactions across the city.

Mr. Faratro is recognized as a top performer in the industry, and has built his excellent reputation, both with peers and clients, on a foundation of dedication and innovation. His experience in commercial brokerage has allowed him to gain invaluable skills in strategic planning, project execution and negotiation, which have allowed him to target successful projects and transactions throughout his career.

John Faratro has acted as landlord and property manager for a multitude of commercial and residential properties over the years, and continues to apply his experience to his various endeavors in property acquisitions, leasing and brokerage.